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5 Gallon Dual Bucket Rack Pail Can Tipper

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Product description

Perfect space saver, this rack holds a 5-Gallon bucket vertically. 

Easy And Safe Dispensing Eliminates Waste And Spills Heavy-Duty

Adjustable "Lip-Grip" attached to secure the bucket in place.

Easy tilt pail supports with T-handles.  Sturdy steel tubing frame. 

Perfect for holding and dispensing thinners, solvents, fluid,etc.

Material:steel with powder coated 

Size: 16.5 in x 23.6 in x 37.80 in

Color: Red

Shape of Square width: 11.42 in

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5 Gallon Dual Bucket Rack Pail Can Tipper

Customer Reviews

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Pails slip out

I have many single pail tippers. This thing has no way to actually hood the pail in unless you strap it. If I’m wrong prove it??? Pail falls out when you tip.