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Lauco Masking Masker Prep Station Machine with Top Tray for Tool Storage

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Product description

Streamline your auto body repair process with the Lauco Masking Masker Prep Station Machine - your one-stop product for efficient and professional masking. This versatile machine is designed to save you time and effort while keeping your workspace organized and clutter-free.

  • Holds all your masking essentials: Accommodate the most popular sizes of masking paper with dedicated bars, plus a separate bar for masking foil. The upper holder fits rolls up to 90cm wide, while the other bars hold 2-3 rolls of 45cm or 1 roll of 90cm.
  • Organize your workspace: Keep tools and supplies readily accessible with the convenient upper tray and dedicated paint gun holder. No more scrambling for what you need!
  • Effortless mobility: Navigate your shop easily thanks to the four swivel casters, two of which lock for stability when needed.
  • Spacious dimensions: The large top tray (22" x 46") provides ample space for tools and tape, while the overall size (48.5" L x 18.1" W x 43.5" H) offers impressive versatility.
  • Durable steel construction with powder coating: Withstands the rigors of everyday use in your auto body shop. Sharp, anodized blades: Deliver clean, smooth cuts, minimizing waste and ensuring professional-looking edges.
  • 4 heavy-duty casters: Two swivel with brakes, allowing for easy movement and secure positioning in your workspace. Large top tray (22" x 46"): Provides ample space for tools and tape, keeping everything within easy reach.

Faster and more efficient masking process in your auto body repairs. Professional-looking results with clean, precise cuts and aligned masking. Organized workspace thanks to convenient storage and dedicated holders. Durable construction built to last in demanding environments. Unmatched versatility for various masking needs.

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Lauco Masking Masker Prep Station Machine with Top Tray for Tool Storage