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Super Finish Compound 3000 32oz - Step 3

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Take your car's shine to the next level with Roxstar Super Finish Polish Compound 3000! This professional-grade formula delivers a brilliant, mirror-like finish, perfect for car enthusiasts and detailers alike.



Key Features:

  • Super Finishing Power: Roxstar Super Finish Polish Compound tackles P3000 or finer sanding marks and scratches with ease. It effectively removes polishing marks, leaving behind a brilliant, long-lasting gloss.
  • Deep Gloss Enhancement: This polish utilizes a mechanical polishing action that permanently improves your paint surface. Unlike some polishes, it won't contribute to dulling over time, ensuring a consistently radiant shine.
  • Mirror Finish for All Paints: This versatile polish delivers a flawless, high-gloss finish on all colors and types of paint, with or without a clear coat.
  • Water-Based, Low-Dust Formula: This innovative water-based formula is silicone-free and produces minimal dust, making cleanup a breeze. No harsh chemicals or messy residue to deal with!
  • Versatile Application: Achieve professional results with an orbital polishing machine for maximum correction power. For minor imperfections, apply the compound by hand for more control.

Benefits of Using Roxstar Super Finish Polish Compound 3000:

  • Delivers a stunning mirror-like shine
  • Removes polishing marks and imperfections
  • Enhances paint clarity and gloss permanently
  • Safe for use on all paint colors and types
  • Water-based formula for easy cleanup
  • Beginner-friendly for DIY enthusiasts

Recommended Application Steps:

  1. Preparation: Thoroughly clean the car's surface and remove any contaminants.
  2. Shaking and Application: Shake the bottle well and apply a small amount of polish to a soft-cut foam pad.
  3. Polishing: Using a polishing machine set to light pressure and a higher rotational speed, polish the surface in a criss-cross pattern until the milky film becomes slightly translucent.
  4. Wipe Down: Remove any residue with a clean microfiber cloth.
  5. Sealant for Lasting Protection: For optimal results, follow up with a high-quality sealant to protect the polished surface and maintain that showroom shine.

Roxstar Super Finish Polish Compound 3000 is ideal for:

  • Car Enthusiasts: Achieve a mirror-like finish that will make your car the envy of the road.
  • Professional Detailers: Deliver exceptional results for your clients with this reliable finishing polish.
  • DIY Detailers: Take your car detailing skills to the next level and create a show-car shine at home.

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    Super Finish Compound 3000 32oz - Step 3

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