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12 Pack Prep-Wipes Tack Cloths – Professional Woodworking and Painting

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Prep-Wipes Blue Tack Cloths – Professional Woodworking and Painting - Lint Free, Removes Dust, Sanding Particles, Clean Surfaces – Wax Free Silicone Free, Anti-Static

  • Box of 12 individually wrapped Tack Cloths. These large long lasting and tear resistant tack cloths measure 18" x 36" inches when unfolded, and they are made of blue colored soft cotton mesh material that contours to surface shapes for removing dust particles, dirt, lint, sanding residue, sawdust and other surface defect particles.
  • The fabric in Pure Blue tack cloths is micro-aperture to trap, pick up and remove all the surface particles and contaminants, leaving you with an exceptionally clean surface that's necessary when you're preparing for car painting or for woodworking varnish finishing.
  • Superior professional grade tack cloths that are designed for refinish and finishing professionals. Manufactured with just the optimum amount of tack, as too much tack can cause invisible residue build up, and too little tack and your surface finish will still contain unwanted contamination particles.
  • Tack cloths are wax and silicone free with anti-static properties and are designed for surface prep before applying waterborne and solvent paints, as well as lacquer finishes, varnishes and stains.

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12 Pack Prep-Wipes Tack Cloths – Professional Woodworking and Painting