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Aqua Maxx Wet or Dry Sandpaper Finishing Sheets 9x5 inch - 400 GRIT - Box of 50

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Made with high-quality waterproof silicon carbide, this sandpaper boasts even grit distribution, ensuring consistent scratches and long-lasting sharpness. Choose between wet or dry sanding for maximum control and efficiency. Wet sanding minimizes scratches, prevents clogging, and creates a smoother finish, perfect for delicate projects. For faster progress or tougher materials, opt for dry sanding.

These 400 grit waterproof sandpaper sheets are ideal for use in auto body and paint shops for extra fine finish sanding paint, primer, and metal before painting or detailing shops for extra fine color sanding of paint finishes. They are also excellent to use for woodworking, metalworking, fiberglass, plastics, or any other surface that needs sanding.

The sheets can be easily cut to different sizes for customized use, fitting perfectly onto sanding blocks, orbital sanders, and other sanding tools. Additionally, their flexibility when used wet ensures a smooth finish without damaging delicate surfaces.

    Aqua MAXX Wet/Dry Sandpaper is your go-to choice for various sanding tasks. It's ideal for automotive tasks like sanding paint, primer, and metal. In the woodworking world, it excels at smoothing surfaces, prepping for finishing, and refinishing furniture. Need to work with metal or fiberglass? Aqua MAXX handles it effortlessly. And for general sanding needs, from removing scuffs to imperfections, it's your reliable companion.

    With a variety of grits available, you have the power to achieve the exact finish you desire. Remove heavy scratches and imperfections with coarser grits, or achieve a super-fine, polished look with finer grits. No more juggling multiple sandpaper packs – Aqua MAXX has you covered.

    Bulk Value: Get 50-Sheet Pack of Aqua Maxx Wet or Dry Sandpaper 400-GRIT for ultimate convenience, cost-effectiveness, and long-lasting, perfect for both professional and DIY use.


    Here are just a few of the benefits of the Aqua MAXX Wet/Dry Sandpaper 400 Grit 9x5.5 Inches:

    • Customizable sizes: Easily cut the sheets to fit your unique project requirements.
    • Flexible wet sanding: The paper bends effortlessly when wet, preventing damage and guaranteeing a smooth finish.
    • Clogging resistance champion: Minimize material waste and maximize productivity with superior clog resistance.
    • Hand or power sanding mastery: Enjoy seamless performance with both hand sanding and various sanding tools.

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    Aqua Maxx Wet or Dry Sandpaper Finishing Sheets 9x5 inch - 400 GRIT - Box of 50