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Adapter Paint Spray Gun (8) 16105 (Aftermarket) Compatible with 3M PPS System

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Product description

The Paint Spray Gun Adapter (8) 16105 (Aftermarket) is a high-quality adapter designed to be compatible with the PPS (Paint Preparation System) 1.0 Only and our DPC Disposable Spray Gun Cup Liners and Lid System.

Made from durable, long-lasting stainless steel, this adapter features a threaded connection that easily screws onto your spray gun. The other end securely holds the DPC cup in place, allowing for precise control during paint application. With this secure attachment, you can say goodbye to messy spills and wasted paint.

This adapter offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Reduced Cleanup Time: Disposable liners eliminate the need for extensive cleaning of your paint cup after each use. Simply throw away the liner and replace it with a fresh one for a clean start.
  • Improved Paint Transfer Efficiency: The system ensures that more paint reaches the intended surface, minimizing waste and saving you money on paint materials.
  • Reduced Solvent Use: The disposable liners help reduce solvent consumption needed for cleaning, making your painting process more environmentally friendly.
  • Superior Mixing and Filtering: The system boasts exceptional mixing and filtering capabilities, resulting in consistent paint application free of lumps or impurities.

By incorporating the Spray Gun Paint System Adapter (8) into your setup, you'll unlock a new level of painting efficiency and achieve flawless finishes with every project. Don't settle for mediocre results – upgrade your painting equipment today and experience the difference this reliable and effective adapter can make.

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Adapter Paint Spray Gun (8) 16105 (Aftermarket) Compatible with 3M PPS System